Kindergarten Readiness

The goal of our Kindergarten Readiness Program is to give children additional time to develop their readiness skills...

Spanish Enrichment

The goal of our Spanish Program is to develop a variety of capabilities that extend beyond the classroom that include aprtification ina group setting with sing along songs in Spanish...

Music Enrichment

The purpose of our Music Program is to increase the child's understanding and enjoyment of music within our culture and to enhance their ability to express themselves through music...

Preschool Classes


STEPS Pumpkin Carving Activity

STEPS Montessori. Your child's first step towards a solid educational foundation.

We are a Montessori School and Child Care Center with the philosophy that every child should be given the opportunity to grow and mature at their own pace in a loving and nuturing environment.  Following the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori we believe that the child develops at his or her own rate and their motivation to learn is encouraged through the development of their own coordination, concentration, independence and order. All this could not be accomplished without the STEPS staff.  With combined experience of over 100 years working with children and their dedication to the Montessori philosophy, children cecome confident and successful individuals.

At STEPS, we believe that every child learns at his/her own pace in a learning environment.  Our classrooms allow the child to discover and explore as they mature.  Each child has a relationshop with the staff that allows the child to develop in a loving and caring environment.

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